Happy Love Day!

Today is Valentine’s Day, 2020.

I may be part of an unpopular belief here by admitting that I have always felt Valentine’s day was a day of appreciating love and loved ones, rather than romantic love alone – so, I have always referred to it as “Love Day”. I would use this day as a reminder to appreciate the sentiment, the feeling of “love”. One of the major issues I have with this day being for romantic love alone is that it seems to be too exclusive. If someone does not have a romantic partner, it could highlight a feeling of loneliness on this day, and I could not imagine someone being sad on a day that should be celebrated. We all have someone or something we love and someone or something who loves us. It is all in the way we see it – a matter of perspective.

The love you have for yourself – Self Love. The love you have for your parents, your siblings, your children, your friends (I love “galentine’s” day), your teachers, mentors, colleagues and even complete strangers. The love you have for your job/career/dreams, or a hobby. The way I see it, these are all just different forms of love – and love makes the world go ’round. A love for my career path is what kept me persevering, for example. Love, in all its forms, is contagious. Self love translates to love for others and vice versa.

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day by spending time together with family and reminding our loved ones just how much we cherish their presence in our lives. Then Aidan and I will spend some time getting up to date on our medical knowledge, something we love doing! Afterall, our shared passion for medicine and caring for others is what brought us together.

Anyone else see things this way? I would love to hear your thoughts on Valentine’s day! How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day/Love Day?

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