The airport

No, we are not flying. Not even flying anytime soon. But I do wish we could go on vacation soon! I’d be lying if I said the awareness of increasing our carbon footprints 👣 due to travelling isn’t impacting my decisions to travel 🧳.

But, that’s not the topic of this post. We are simply just driving past the airport right now. It may be because I travelled a lot in my 20s that I feel a sort of warmth, and comfort looking at airplanes and airports. For me, it feels as though time stands still when I am in the airport. There’s a sense of calm that comes over me. Perhaps, that’s how it is meant to feel to be completely “present”. Aidan feels that airports remind him of a lot of waiting, but that it can sometimes be nice to be forced to wait.

There is also the aspect of knowing you are now away from your worldly responsibilities, and will be on a plane where you will be taking a break from daily stressors and distractions. It’s as if it is a time to be at one with yourself. I often found I would read a self-help book and re evaluate my life and goals while thousands of km in the air! One of the aspects of camping that Aidan loves is being disconnected from the rest of the world and focusing on being present. This is something similar with being at the airport and on the plane.

So, vacation technically starts when I check in my bag. I feel a sense of relief. Vacation is not over until we pick up our luggage from the conveyor belt.

We would love to hear your thoughts! What sentiments do you feel when you think of the airport and flying?