We both managed to run today

Since I have started working again and Aidan has been on paternity leave, neither of us have been able to go for a run. Today, it’s snowing for the first time in a while, but because it is Saturday, that won’t stop us!

My solution: run in the gym in our building.

Aidan’s solution: run in the snow, anyway!

We each took turns looking after our lovelight while the other ran. It’s been so nice for us to prioritize getting exercise and helping each other achieve our goals. Aidan has set a goal to run a 10km trail race this summer, so is training for that.

We sat down this new year’s eve and wrote down our personal goals for the day, month, year and 10 years. It was a nice little exercise. We had done this before, but this time, with a baby, we could see how intertwined our lives and goals have become.

We like to ensure we are able to continue to make and keep personal goals. Getting exercise is one of our priorities.

How are you guys managing to keep up with your personal goals as new parents? I would love any tips or stories!

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