I was holding our baby on the sofa, while my husband was preparing breakfast for us. I suddenly was consumed in my thoughts and felt myself choking up. Before I know it, and before I am ready, these precious moments and years will fly by. I must cherish every moment deeply. If these precious little moments lasted forever, we may not cherish them as much, right? Who knows?

I wrote a little poem encapsulating my sentiments today. I went in to work to finish some administrative work while my husband who is on paternity leave looked after our baby. Now that I am home and have thoroughly played with our baby, she is sleeping and my husband is out for a run. So, I get a moment to reflect and write. So, here goes:

When I look at your face, my darling, my stresses are washed away. When I touch your skin, my baby, sunshine takes over the grey. I promise to love you forever, no matter who you turn out to be. I’ll always be beside you, even if you cannot see me.

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