Lessons on Travelling with a Baby

This post is intended to be educational and is in no way intended to be medical advice. Should you require medical advice, please see your child’s doctor.

We travelled with our 6 month old, and this post will be generally about travelling with a 6 month old. Here are some things we planned and found useful.

  1. Location – ensure it is baby friendly. That is, sometimes Air BnBs actually have baby a high chair, toys, a crib, microwave, etc. So you can prioritize what to travel with better. Depending on the length of stay you can research whether there are any activities in the area that your child/baby may enjoy (particularly older children).
  2. The following are baby-related and are the 6 major areas:
    1. Feeding:
      1. Fridge/freezer – to store breastmilk or baby food
      2. Microwave/Oven – for older children and food prep, and even consider a pot to boil water in if prepping formula
      3. Formula – boiled water in a thermos and powdered formula or even ready-made formula can be considered to make it easier to travel. If you’re flying, check flight policies beforehand on bringing formula/breastmilk on the flight.
      4. Ready-made food packs and infant cereal
      5. if pumping – bring a breast pump + equipment and car adapter
      6. If younger – bring sterilizing equipment
    1. Diapers – you can order the diapers to be delivered to the location you will be going to.
    2. Clothing – I packed 2 outfits per day in case of accidents.
    3. Sleeping – We packed our pack and play and this worked out well.
    4. Bathing – Consider bringing bathing tub and soap for longer trips.
    5. Medications – Tylenol/Ibuprofen, antihistamine, pedialyte, vitamin D and any other specific medications for your baby.