6 Month Transitions

This is intended to be educational and is in no way a substitute for medical advice. If you require medical advice, please see your child’s doctor.

As our baby turned 6 months, there were some transitions in our lives.

One of the major changes was I was transitioning off maternity leave and my partner was transitioning onto paternity leave. We treated it like “handover” that is a crucial part of the work we both do.

Despite working, he had been quite involved in her care when he was home, so there were some things we didn’t need to address, but here are some tips when transferring care between caregivers:

  1. Ensure caregivers are trained in infant CPR
  2. Be clear on the feeding plan: what is the feeding schedule and how much/how often and what are they feeding. If a baby is feeding powdered formula, remember to ensure all caregivers know how to prepare it correctly.
  3. Try to keep to a schedule/routine if one already exists – a baby’s feeding schedule becomes demand led at some point, but sleeping schedules are important to adhere to, so as to prevent babies from becoming “overtired” and ensuring they get enough sleep to consolidate their learning and develop.
  4. Any tips for picking up baby’s cues – i.e., how do they behave when they are tired, hungry, or have a wet/dirty diaper.
  5. Anything they particularly enjoy? For example our baby loves listening to and dancing to music, so it is one good way to ensure she smiles or is at least distracted from something that is upsetting her.
  6. Remember to read and/or talk to the baby, no matter how young they are!
  7. Try to schedule in play time
  8. Ensure you are aware of where baby medication would be and how to administer appropriately. If a baby is primarily receiving breastmilk they would also be on vitamin D which is given daily

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