The airport

No, we are not flying. Not even flying anytime soon. But I do wish we could go on vacation soon! I’d be lying if I said the awareness of increasing our carbon footprints 👣 due to travelling isn’t impacting my decisions to travel 🧳.

But, that’s not the topic of this post. We are simply just driving past the airport right now. It may be because I travelled a lot in my 20s that I feel a sort of warmth, and comfort looking at airplanes and airports. For me, it feels as though time stands still when I am in the airport. There’s a sense of calm that comes over me. Perhaps, that’s how it is meant to feel to be completely “present”. Aidan feels that airports remind him of a lot of waiting, but that it can sometimes be nice to be forced to wait.

There is also the aspect of knowing you are now away from your worldly responsibilities, and will be on a plane where you will be taking a break from daily stressors and distractions. It’s as if it is a time to be at one with yourself. I often found I would read a self-help book and re evaluate my life and goals while thousands of km in the air! One of the aspects of camping that Aidan loves is being disconnected from the rest of the world and focusing on being present. This is something similar with being at the airport and on the plane.

So, vacation technically starts when I check in my bag. I feel a sense of relief. Vacation is not over until we pick up our luggage from the conveyor belt.

We would love to hear your thoughts! What sentiments do you feel when you think of the airport and flying?


In some aspects I have become more anxious after becoming a mother, but in most aspects, I have become a momma-bear!

For example, if I saw a spider, pre-baby, I would curl up into a ball and call out for my husband to get it. If he wasn’t around, I’d escape to another room. Now, I worry about the spider getting to my baby, and I will have to get rid of it. I get goosebumps and scream and almost cry, but do I get the job done? Yes! Because, mommas, my fear may be great, but my love is greater!

In all seriousness, it’s really hard being a mom. It feels like the biggest part of my heart is living outside of my body, in the world for the rest of my life. It can make me feel vulnerable at times. I try to remember, we are all in this together, and to my strong community of mommies all over the world, I hope you share in my sentiments – I take solace in knowing people generally love children and are hard-wired to look after these little humans. I remember reading about this in “The Organized Mind” by Daniel Levitin. Children, as they say, are the messages we send into a future we ourselves will not see.

When out and about with the babe, we often have strangers come up to say hello, with big smiles and just pure warmth. I say hello to babies too! Sometimes, I wonder why it is we don’t do that to one another as adults without babies, but that’s a post for another time. As I was saying, people generally love babies! I know I am guilty of it too! It’s also one of my most favourite aspects of my job – the well baby visits!

Despite the increase in fears compared to pre-baby states, I feel like my love increased exponentially more.

I would love to read your thoughts and expressed sentiments, mommies!

5 things to consider getting done for your baby after birth:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Social Insurance Number
  3. Health Card
  4. Passport
  5. RESP

3 Things to consider doing while you’re pregnant:

  1. Consider signing your baby up to daycare while you are still pregnant or shortly after birth.
  2. You can also consider finding your baby a paediatrician/family doctor prior to delivery.
  3. You can also consider signing your baby up for a newborn photography session. Many photographers book well in advance, so you may want to try doing this while you’re pregnant!

Lessons on Travelling with a Baby

This post is intended to be educational and is in no way intended to be medical advice. Should you require medical advice, please see your child’s doctor.

We travelled with our 6 month old, and this post will be generally about travelling with a 6 month old. Here are some things we planned and found useful.

  1. Location – ensure it is baby friendly. That is, sometimes Air BnBs actually have baby a high chair, toys, a crib, microwave, etc. So you can prioritize what to travel with better. Depending on the length of stay you can research whether there are any activities in the area that your child/baby may enjoy (particularly older children).
  2. The following are baby-related and are the 6 major areas:
    1. Feeding:
      1. Fridge/freezer – to store breastmilk or baby food
      2. Microwave/Oven – for older children and food prep, and even consider a pot to boil water in if prepping formula
      3. Formula – boiled water in a thermos and powdered formula or even ready-made formula can be considered to make it easier to travel. If you’re flying, check flight policies beforehand on bringing formula/breastmilk on the flight.
      4. Ready-made food packs and infant cereal
      5. if pumping – bring a breast pump + equipment and car adapter
      6. If younger – bring sterilizing equipment
    1. Diapers – you can order the diapers to be delivered to the location you will be going to.
    2. Clothing – I packed 2 outfits per day in case of accidents.
    3. Sleeping – We packed our pack and play and this worked out well.
    4. Bathing – Consider bringing bathing tub and soap for longer trips.
    5. Medications – Tylenol/Ibuprofen, antihistamine, pedialyte, vitamin D and any other specific medications for your baby.