Team RichAidan’s Partnership Motto

RichAidan Wedding, July 1st 2016 (photo by Richa Chander)

Relationships take work! We all know this. They take work to build, nurture and often, rebuild. They change with time, experiences and phases of life. People change too. We cannot expect relationships to do well if we do not change accordingly. So, how do we change enough, without changing too much (i.e., being a different person altogether from the one who the other married)?

This, comes down to your fundamental motto. This is not necessarily a motto per se, but essentially the underlying essence of the message within all the lines of your vows and promises to each other.

We think of Team RichAidan as a partnership. We respect the fact that each of us are individuals with our own likes, dislikes, goals, and ways of life. We are both keen on learning – about everything, from keeping up our skills and knowledge in our careers, to learning about each other, our relationships with other important people in our lives, how to improve ourselves, etc. Life is about constantly learning. As Grandpa Agni says, “the day we stop learning is the day we die”.

So, without further ado, our partnership motto is:

“To be good to each other,
and for each other”

(c) RichAidan 2016

As life changes, like the leaves in fall, we change. But our motto will remain the same.

Team RichAidan

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